Category: GTAK GoTo Analysis Kit

Fluid contamination is a major factor that can cause premature failures of hydraulic systems and components. An effective fluid analysis program can identify contamination and other problems not visible to the naked eye. Once high levels of contaminants are confirmed, corrective actions can be undertaken prior to the advent of costly catastrophic equipment failures. The GTAK fluid analysis kit can be used to obtain a complete and comprehensive laboratory analysis on a customer supplied fluid sample. The GTAK kits are supplied with pre-addressed labels for shipment to any one of multiple labs located throughout the United States. Results are quick and can be obtained via email or on the internet. Trend analysis is possible and easy to obtain for continuous monitoring of equipment.

•8 oz ISO CLEAN sample jar
•Sample submittal form
•Shipping container
•Prepaid laboratory analysis
•Quick results sent via E-mail
•On-line trend analysis via Horizon system


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