Category: VBSP-12U-RS

When pressure at 2 rises above the spring bias pressure, the check seat is pushed away from the piston and flow is allowed from 2 to 1. When load pressure at 1 rises above the pressure setting (turn counterclockwise to increase setting – turn clockwise to decrease setting), the direct-acting, differential area relief function is activated and flow is relieved from 1 to 2. With pilot pressure at 3, the pressure setting is reduced in proportion to the stated ratio of the valve, until fully open with free-flow from 1 to 2. The valve applies a balanced piston design allowing relief operation at the valve setting independent of back-pressure at 2. However, the piloted opening of the valve remains subject to additive pressure at port 2.

•SUN cavity interchange
• T-11A (VBSP-08U)
•T-2A (VBSP-12U)


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