Category: MDSD Mobile dual solenoid driver

The MDSD is a high current amplifier that controls proportional valves with one or two force solenoids. Applications include the EL and EP controls on A2, A4, A7, A11 pumps and A6 motors. Also included are pressure and directional valves FT-DRE2K, DRE4K, DBE, DBET, MP, SM, SP, 4WRA, 4WRZ. All 12 Volt solenoids can be controlled over the entire 10 to 28 VDC power supply range to simplify design. Of course, 24 Volt solenoids can be used in 24 Volt power systems.


•Wide supply voltage range: 10–28 VDC
•On board, replaceable fuse
•Reverse voltage protection
•Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) outputs
•PWM frequency adjustable from 75–275 Hz
•Max. and min. current separately adjustable for both solenoids
•High current driver, regulated to within 1.0%, continuous operation
•Infinite duration short circuit protection on both outputs
•Reference voltage provided for control via an external potentiometer (>1K Ohm)
•Differential inputs for external voltage sources (+/– 2.5 or +/– 5.0 VDC)
•Neutral position deadband for joysticks
•Ramp time 0.2 to 10.0 sec., separately adjustable for both solenoids (A = up/down; B = up/down)
•All adjustments are made via multi-turn potentiometers
•Temperature range: –13 to 176 °F (–25 to 80 °C)
•EMI/RFI resistant
•Rugged, environmental packaging


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