Category: DRE6X

Model DRE6X proportional pressure reducing valves are pilot operated with a 3-way main stage. The pilot valve (pressure relief valve pilot stage) is supplied internally with a controlled flow of pilot oil. The valves are actuated by a proportional solenoid acting against a spring. The solenoid armature is cushioned to aid stability.


• Size 6
• Pilot operated valves for reducing system pressure at the consumer (pilot oil internal only)
• 3-way version (P–A/A–T), pmin = p in T
• Adjustable by means of the solenoid current
• Solenoid type Imax = 0.8 A
• Pressure limitation to a safe level even with faulty electronics (solenoid current I > Imax)
• For subplate attachment, mounting hole configuration to ISO 4401-03-02-0-94
• Plug-in connector to DIN 43650-AM2 included in scope of delivery
• External trigger electronics with ramps and valve calibration (order separately)


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