Category: Flow Control Valves

Widest Range of Flow Control and Throttles

Flow control valves limit the amount of flow in a main or branch hydraulic circuit. Bosch Rexroth offers both “flow” controls and “throttles,” to satisfy the widest range of OEM and manufacturing system needs.

Our flow controls offer an integral hydro-stat and incorporate sharp edged orifices to reduce the effect of temperature and consumer load changes on a field set flow values. Available with rotary knobs and key locks, Rexroth hydraulic flow control valves can be field set, locked, and remain tamper resistant. Throttle valves also incorporate sharp- edged orifices; however, lack of a hydro-stat limits stability in ever-changing load conditions.

These products are available in “sandwich” or “module” type in D03 to D08 configurations, offering the flexibility to incorporate speed control functions in addition to direction.


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