Category: Safety technology

 Safety controls

  • Certified according to IEC 61508 (SIL3) and EN ISO 13849-1 (Cat.4, PL e)
  • Scalable for central and distributed automation structures
  • Optimal implementation of the drive-integrated Safety on Board safety technology

SafeLogic and SafeLogic compact provide safety logic systems with scalable functions and performance for all automation tasks. The safety controls which can be freely programmed in conjunction with the IndraWorks engineering framework can be fully integrated into the automation system of various applications. Whether as a compact solution for small to medium-sized machines and systems, or as an extension to the IndraControl L range of controls – Bosch Rexroth's safety controls provide maximum protection for personnel, simplified commissioning and validation, and reduced production downtimes.

Safe drive technology

  • Certified according to IEC 61508 (SIL2) and EN ISO 13849-1 (Cat.3, PL d)
  • Excellent reliability provided by certified, integrated solution
  • Improved machine productivity due to shortened special mode times

SafeMotion, the drive-based safety solution, means more than just the "safe shut-down" of machines. Rather, it is the prerequisite for implementing safe machine designs. It allows the operator to gain access safely, it reduces downtimes, and it increases productivity.
As well as the conventional safe stop and motion functions, IndraDrive with SafeMotion supports more than 18 safety functions, such as safe door locking, several safe absolute bearing areas, and a safe braking and holding system.


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