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Direct-acting sequence valves with reverse-flow check will supply a secondary circuit with flow once the pressure at the inlet (port 1) has exceeded the valve setting. Additionally, these valves incorporate an integral check valve to provide reverse flow from port 2 (sequence) to port 1 (inlet). The pressure setting of a sequence valve controls the pressure at port 1 relative to the pressure at the drain (port 3).

  • All 3 port sequence cartridges are physically and functionally interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
  • Although this is a zero pilot flow valve, port 3 (drain) must be connected to maintain a pressure reference in the control chamber. If port 3 is blocked, reciprocating seal weepage will cause the valve to malfunction.
  • Pressure at port 3 is directly additive to the valve setting at a 1:1 ratio and should not exceed 5000 psi (350 bar).
  • Suitable for use in load holding applications.
  • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.

Capacity60 gpm240 L/min.
Factory Pressure Settings Established at2 in³/min.30 cc/min.
Maximum Operating Pressure5000 psi350 bar
Response Time - Typical2 ms2 ms
Maximum Valve Leakage at Reseat10 drops/min.0,7 cc/min.
Check Cracking Pressure25 psi1,7 bar
Adjustment - Number of Clockwise Turns to Increase Setting55
Valve Hex Size1 1/4 in.31,8 mm
Valve Installation Torque150 - 160 lbf ft203 - 217 Nm
Adjustment Screw Internal Hex Size5/32 in.4 mm
Locknut Hex Size9/16 in.15 mm
Locknut Torque80 - 90 lbf in.9 - 10 Nm
Model Weight1.50 lb0,70 kg
Seal kit - CartridgeViton: 990-017-006

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