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AS 3108-5-000



MATERIAL:  922592

SUMMARY:  AS 3108-5-000

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The AquaSensor AS 3000 with an integrated digital display is based on the proven AS 1000 series for the online detection of water in oils, particularly as a sensor for Condition Monitoring. The device has 2 switching outputs and one reversible analogue output signal (4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V selectable). The AquaSensor AS 3000 detects the water saturation level and temperature of the fluid and transmits the values in the form of an analogue or switching signal. The display shows the recently measured values. All settings available on the AS 3000 are grouped in 2 easy-to-navigate menus.  

The following parameters can be modified: 

Saturation level / temperature ·          Switching points ·          Switching mode of switching outputs ·          Switching direction ·          Switching delay times   The AS 3000 thus enables a continuous monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication oils; precise, permanent and online.  4-digit digital display ·       Rotation around both axes enables optimal alignment. ·       Reliable on account of its compact, rugged design ·       No calibration to different types of oils required ·       Pressure-resistant, even with pulsations ·       Wide fluid temperature range ·       Individual configuration ·       User-friendly due to key programming ·       Early detection of water problems thus preventing faults and unnecessary interruption to operations.