AVENTICS ES05 ValveEssential Valve Systems (ES05) From AVENTICS




What's different about the AVENTICS ES05 valves? 

Custom valve manifolds traditionally take several days or even weeks to get to the end customer. The ES05 requires fewer components and is simple to assemble, allowing Hydrotech, Inc., an Authorized AVENTICS supplier & distributor, to stock what is needed to quickly assemble and test exactly what you need - in as little as one business day!  You heard that correctly, we can assemble and deliver the ES05 in one business day ensuring little downtime and seamless startup due to Hydrotech's large inventory of the product.   

What are some of the features the AVENTICS ES05? 

You can have up to 12 valves (up to 24 solenoids) on the same manifold. You can mix single and double solenoid valves, choose between inch or metric ports, standard 24VDC plus 12VDC or 110VAC, and choose connectivity options such as D-Sub, fieldbus, single wire or IO-Link. There's also inline ES05 valves. 

All ES05 valves are constructed of light weight polymer, offer LED indication and fast switching times. ES05 manifolds are very flexible, with easy in-the-field modifications requiring only one tool (supplied with each manifold).

What are the flow requirements for the AVENTICS ES05?

AVENTICS ES05 valves feature flow rates up to 610 NL/min (0.61Cv), which covers the vast majority of typical industrial applications.

ES05 - Essential Valve Systems - advantages at a glance

The new ES05 is the simple solution for basic pneumatics

ES05 is a valve system that has been designed especially for standard pneumatic applications and industrial automation. With flows up to 0.61 Cv, ES05 is sufficient to cover the majority of applications. Simple, flexible and efficient – without the bells and whistles.

Only 25 part numbers required for any inch or metric configuration, both inline valves and manifolds.

Easy assembly

High flexibility

Easy configuration

High quality

You can benefit from cost focused contemporary products in technical excellence made from extensive wealth of experience.

Lower inventory

Small number of parts required to build vast variations of valve systems reduces inventory investment.

Hydrotech is the authorized distributor and supplier for AVENTICS pneumatic products in Ohio & Kentucky.  

Interested in learning more about the AVENTICS ES05?  Contact our pneumatic application specialists today to get started!


AVENTICS ES05 Specifications

AVENTICS ES05 Application Photo

AVENTICS ES05 Application Photo