4 Easy Steps to Hydraulic Rush Repair

1. Reason for Failure & Approval

First Hydrotech determines the reason the component has failed.  Included is a full detailed inspection report with pictures.  Hydrotech then sends a cost of repair to customer and awaits appoval.  

2. Select Repair Part from In-House Inventory

Hydrotech then scans its inventory of service stock parts to eliminate lead times from having to order parts from manufacturer.  

3. Repair   

Your hydraulic components will be repaired by factory trained technicians meeting ISO9001:2008 quality standards. 

4. Test to Specs

Once the repair is done, Hydrotech then tests the component(s) to make sure they perform to the specs of your operating environment.  

All repairs are backed with a full 1-year warranty, and we are offering a FREE oil analysis kit for a limited time when you mention promo code CAM2.