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Hydraulic Training
for Industrial Applications

2019 Class Dates

Level 1: Principles of Hydraulics

February 11 – 15 CLOSED
May 6 – 10 CLOSED
June 10 – 14 OPEN
July 29 – August 2 OPEN

Level 2: Troubleshooting & Maintenance

September 16 – 20 OPEN
September 30 – October 4 OPEN


Hydrotech, Inc.
10052 Commerce Park Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246

Why Hydrotech Training?


  • Certified Fluid Power instructors
  • Years of application experience
  • Personalized instruction


  • State of the art training stands
  • Dedicated classroom and hands-on areas
  • Equipped with the latest hydraulic technology


  • Each student receives valid accreditation & diploma
  • Advances critical problem solving
  • Clear path to our Level 2 class



  • Intro To Industrial Hydraulic Technology
  • WHat is a hydraulically powered & controlled machine
  • Understanding Hydraulic Power & Energy - Heat production of systems
  • Reading & Interpreting Hydraulic Schematics
  • Hydraulic Symbol Interpretation
  • Relationship Of Force, Area, & Pressure
  • Relationship Of Torque, Displacement, & Pressure For Hydraulic Motors
  • Relationship Of Fluid Flow, GPM, & Actuator Speed
  • How Hydraulic Speed Control Works (throttle valve principle)
  • Basic Fluid Power Calculations related to fluid pressure, fluid flow,
    actuator velocity/RPM, power & heat production
  • Causes Of Hydraulic Shock And How To Control It
  • Understanding Relief Valves - direct operated, pilot operated, & venting
  • System Relief Circuits And Other Circuit Overviews
  • Understanding directional control valves
  • Regenerative circuits
  • Pressure reducing valves, applications, and operation
  • Load-sensing with hydrostatics (pressure reducing valves)
  • Multi-function valves, function & application
  • Sequence circuits, counterbalance, unloading applications
  • How to identify cylinder piston seal failures
  • Basic hydraulic pump controls
  • Accumulator operation, precharge, and evaluation
  • Intro To Electro-Proportional Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Understanding The Process Control Function Of Proportional Valves
  • Lab exercises:
    1. Comparing Pressure relief characteristics between 3 different relief valves,
      setting system pressure, externally piloted relief valve with venting option
    2. Meter-in versus meter-out speed control
    3. Understanding pilot operated directional control valves
    4. Pressure reducing & load sensing valves
    5. Sequence circuit with & without force limitation
    6. Setup of a pressure compensated pump & safety relief circuit
    7. Checking & setting accumulator precharge pressure

And Much More!


  • Review of hydraulic principles - Pressure, flow, power, etc.
  • Using relief valves - system relief valves (fixed pumping equipment), Spike pressure relief valves,
    protecting cylinders (port reliefs), protecting motors (cross-port reliefs), remote pressure control
  • Using reducing valves - motor torque control, cylinder force control, circuit pressure
    reducing with sandwich reducing valve
  • Understanding load control with counterbalance valves
  • Directional control valves - understanding spool types uses & circuit functions
  • Understanding pilot operated directional control valves
  • Evaluating pilot operated D.C.V. model code
  • Using pressure regulating variable displacement pumps
  • Remote pressure control with pressure compensated pumps
  • Load sensing control with pressure compensated pumps
  • Using HP control with pressure compensated pumps
  • Bladder type accumulators - understanding operation & use
  • Reading & interpreting industrial machine hydraulic schematics
  • Fluid condition - cleanliness and the maintenance of hydraulic fluid
  • Lab exercises:
    1. Relief valves - demonstrate proper setup procedures
    2. Reducing valves - demonstrate proper setup & adjustment
    3. Pilot operated D.C.V. - disassemble, compare model code, operating circuit
    4. Pressure regulation: pump pressure compensation & spike pressure relief
    5. Pressure regulation: remote pressure control & load sensing control
    6. Checking & setting accumulator precharge pressure

And Much More!

Simple Pricing

**The cost of training includes: Light breakfast & coffee in the morning, Full lunch in the afternoon, training material, books, pen, paper and Hydrotech Promotional Items.

Dedicated Class Room

Hands-On Training Cell

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Why Hydrotech Training?

With decades of experience, Hydrotech’s team of hydraulic engineers specialize in assisting with difficult applications and are here to provide support for developing the optimal solution. The Hydrotech promise is to help engineer a solution with the most effective design to improve output and keep your company on the forefront of hydraulic technology.

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