An Inside Look at WITTENSTEIN Enhanced Worm Gearboxes

V-Drive Servo Worm Gearheads: Maximum Power Density

With its three product variants, the new servo worm gearhead series from WITTENSTEIN Alpha leaves nothing to be desired as far as performance, smooth running and flexibility are concerned.  A suitable solution exists for any specified torsional backlash greater than 2 arcminutes.  Attributes such as maximum economy in all axes, maximum torque density and constant, low torsional backlash throughout the service life are common to all of the gearheads.  

V-Drive Basic, V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced: these servo worm gearheads give you best-in-class precision - tailored precision up to less than or equal to 2 arcminutes for a variety of applications.  You profit from rapid availability as well as optimal reliability and maximum economy throughout a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours.  Ideal contact conditions and high-quality lubricants guarantee more than 95 percent efficiency for these German-built gearheads at full load.

V-Drive Basic: The Quiet Endurance Runner


Servo worm gearheads with output shaft and hollow shaft.  The gearing of the V-Drive Basic was specifically developed to minimize the noise level in S1 operation.  It also convinces with optimal value for money and short delivery times.  

Product Highlights

  • Optimized output bearings adapted to a wide range of applications
  • Specifically developed gearing minimizes the noise level in S1 operation
  • Optimal value for money short delivery times and quality - Engineered in Germany

V-Drive Value: The Economical All-Rounder

Low backlash servo worm gearheads with output shaft and hollow shaft.  The V-Drive Value impresses with its high-power density and medium torsional backlash.  It is especially suitable for economical applications in continuous operation.

Product Highlights

  • Strong performance for economical standard applications in cyclic or continuous operation
  • High-power density medium torsional backlash throughout its lifespan
  • No stick-slip effect due to optimized hollow-flank teeth

V-Drive Advanced: The Flexible Powerhouse 


Servo worm gearheads with the solid shaft, hollow shaft and flanged hollow shaft types.  The V-Drive Advanced impresses with its high-power density and low torsional backlash.  It is especially suitable for continuous duty applications.

Product Highlights

  • Constant, low torsional backlash, consistently high-quality, and high-positioning accuracy guaranteed throughout its lifespan
  • Optimally sized output bearing for absorbing high-axial and radical forces in cyclic or continuous operation
  • No stick-slip effect owing to the enhanced hollow-flank teeth
  • Top performance optimized hollow-flank teeth guarantee high-efficiency and minimal wear with very high-power density

Hollow-flank teeth with high-overload capacity due to the low specific tooth pressure

The Right Performance for your Application


Flexible output versions and the option of using V-Drive Advanced and V-Drive Value with an integral planetary input stage enable more applications.

Precise, Reliable and Fit for any Industry

WITTENSTEIN Alpha is all axes: The V-Drive worm gearhead family provides a flexible and comprehensive portfolio for all performance ranges. Companies in a variety of industries reap the benefits.  The following are just a few examples:

Food Processing & Packaging 

Food Processing & Packaging image

  • Transport axes (belt & chain drives)
  • Star drives
  • Product feedings
  • Swivel conveyors
  • Carton feedings and erectings

Material Handling 

Material Handling Image

  • Transport Axes (belt & chain drives) 
  • Two-axis handling modules
  • Loading systems in transfer axes

Robotics & Automation

Robotics & Automation Image

  • Linear motions in the 7th axis
  • Rotary and swivel axes
  • Feed axes

High-Performance Worm Gearheads: The V-Drive Series

WITTENSTEIN Alpha develops complete, single-supplier solutions for driving and axis.  They can be used in virtually any application.  The newly developed V-Drive Basic complements the V-Drive Advanced and the V-Drive Value, rounding off our extensive and flexible portfolio for all performance ranges:

WITTENSTEIN efficiency ratings

Hydrotech is an Authorized Distributor and Supplier of WITTENSTEIN products for Ohio & Kentucky.  For more information, please contact our technical support team today at 513-881-7000!  


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