The Next Industrial Revolution is Here

Recently, Bosch Rexroth took to the road to showcase some of their newest and smartest factory automation technologies with their mobile showroom. The "connected factory" and next industrial revolution utilizing intelligent automation technologies will lead to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime by connecting real machines with information and the internet (IoT).  Not only can Hydrotech help select the best IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, we can also assist with seamlessly integrating it into your current production process.  

Companies that take the leap and revolutionize their production philosophy to incorporate smart, connected components will be far more competitive by producing at a lower cost and meeting customer needs through flexibility.

There isn't an argument as to if the next industrial revolution will happen, it's happening right now. The real question is who will leverage this shift, actively shape the future of manufacturing, and lead the change.  Take a look at some of the photos from the event! 

Some of the technologies featured:

• Electric Drives & Controls

• Linear Motion Components

• Industrial Hydraulic Components

• CNC Technology

• Anti-Slosh / Anti-Vibration Technology

• IndraDrive Mi Cabinet Free & Synchronization Technology Safety

• On Board Technology Nexo

• Cordless WiFi Nutrunner

• Energy on Demand Variable Speed Pump Drives (Sytronix)

• Conveyor / Automation System

• IndraDrive ML High-Power Electronic Drives

• Industry 4.0 (IoT) using Rexroth Open Core Engineering (OCE)































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