The Cabinet-Free Drive Technology

Bosch Rexroth is once again developing the most cutting edge technology, which is changing the way our world manufactures and develops products.  In the world of manufacturing, specifically the automation sector, all electronically controlled machines need big control cabinets for all of the electrical controls for the machine.  This can be very challenging when the effects of having big control cabinets include massive amounts of wiring, heat, and energy consumption.  

Bosch Rexroth has developed a new product that includes the fusion of the drive electronics and motor technology into one product; The IndraDrive Mi.  Not only is this reducing our carbon footprint but this also brings many more benefits compared to the older technology:

  • Reduce Wiring Around 90%
    • Now all wiring for the drive technology, including mains connection and power supply can be directly put into their machines
  • Get Rid of up to 100% of the control cabinet
    • With Rexroth consistently utilizing all avenues of decentralized drive technology we are one step closer to eliminating the control cabinet altogether
  • Save 100% of external cooling
    • Ultimately with no cabinet there is no need for external cooling

4EE Energy Efficiency:

Not only is there automatic and inherent energy savings due to the elimination of most wiring, control cabinet, and external cooling, the IndraDrive Mi is also equipped with Bosch Rexroth’s 4EE Energy Efficiency technology’s.  These include a variety of static and rotative energy accumulator options, Smart Energy Mode option, and numerous other options to save energy and reduce peak loads in the power grid.

Power Recovery
Excess energy is recovered and sent back to the power grid.  This reduces energy consumption especially over long periods of time.  This is all done while maintaining top power quality.

Smart Energy Mode
Regardless of line voltage, in smart energy mode, the supply module is regulated, preventing peak loads and greatly reduces average energy consumption.

Electric and Kinetic Buffering
With electric buffering DC capacity is simply stored; with kinetic buffering excess energy is converted into kinetic energy, buffered, process-optimized and provided to the system.

Overall this new technology brought to you by Bosch Rexroth can make drastic differences in facility footprint, energy consumption, and in manufacturing overall. 

Hydrotech, Inc. is the exclusive distributor and technology partner for Bosch Rexroth in Ohio and Kentucky.

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