Introducing the XMD from Sun Hydraulics – A Compact, Bluetooth Configurable Electro-Hydraulic Driver

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Built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions in mobile and industrial applications, Sun Hydraulics' XMD is a high-powered, electronic control device for electrically operated hydraulic actuators. The XMD is the first of its kind from Sun Hydraulics and was jointly engineered by Sun and Tulsa, Okla.-based Enovation Controls, a Sun subsidiary company. Sun Hydraulics XMD

Sun Hydraulics' new XMD Bluetooth-configurable, electro-hydraulic driver is both CE and E-Mark rated, meeting the needs of international mobile and industrial equipment. The XMD serves actuators used in on and off-highway equipment in numerous applications including agriculture, forestry, construction, marine, earth moving and material handling.

XMD is designed and offered in two models — the XMD-01 with a single universal input and PWM output and the XMD-02 with two universal inputs and two PWM outputs. Sun Hydraulics' mobile driver has the ability to output 0-3000 mA with ±1-mA resolution, which allows it to maintain precision control when used with pumps, valves, motors, or cylinders.

XMD Mobile App

In addition to its sleek, compact design, the new XMDs offer a range of advanced features:

  • Simplified configuration via Sun’s XMD mobile phone app
  • SAE J1939 CAN communication capabilities
  • Pre-programmed profiles for common tasks
  • Comprehensive diagnostic mode
  • Ability to easily shape and apply output curves

Sun Hydraulics XMD Mobile App


Hydraulic system designers in the market have sought a simple, high-powered device capable of meeting the needs of many harsh environments in mobile and industrial applications.  Sun’s XMD delivers that and much more.


“The XMD Drivers are the answer to customer requests for simple and configurable electronic control products that live up to Sun’s reputation for quality and performance while delivering outstanding value in today’s cost-conscious hydraulics market,” said Gary Gotting, Global Product Manager. “They combine Sun’s hydraulics experience with Enovation Control’s electronics expertise in a solution tailored to the present and future needs of the global mobile and industrial hydraulic markets.”







XMD Compatibility

The electrical connection is made via a standard 12-pin Deutsch connector. The open architecture of the XMD allows many compatible connections and coil types including:

  • DIN 43650
  • Amp Junior Timer
  • Twin-lead
  • Metri-pack 
  • Sun’s new FLeX coils

Through collaboration, Sun and Enovation Control engineers designed the XMD for use with Controller Area Network (CAN) communication. Using the free XMD mobile app, available in both Android and Apple products, the driver serves as a remote I/O module to receive and transmit SAE J1939 messages simply and securely. The intelligent system works as a master controller for the driver and provides minimal I/O investment for the user. Sun Hydraulics XMD features

The XMD is compatible with standard DIN 35-mm rails and can also be mounted to any flat surface such as a manifold block using an innovative snap-in-place installation bracket.

With the addition of electronic products and the first-of-its-kind XMD, Sun continues to deliver quality, performance, and innovative products for the industry. The XMD is now the most capable and most price-competitive of its kind in the mobile hydraulics market today.

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Hydrotech, Inc. is the Authorized Distributor and Supplier for Sun Hydraulics products in Ohio and Kentucky.  To learn more about the Sun Hydraulics XMD, contact our product specialists today at 513-881-7000!  

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