SKF Offers New Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator

The use of lubricant on a steel wire rope considerably reduces friction and, as a result, it minimizes the following two related factors:

• Abrasion on the wire rope
• Heat generation

Developed as a service tool, the Lincoln wire rope lubricator is attached periodically to equipment on a monthly, quarterly or other cycle to lubricate wire ropes.  The life cycle of a steel wire rope that has been periodically lubricated is approximately six to eight times longer than a wire rope that has not been lubricated. Also, lubricating a wire rope while in service helps to prevent corrosion of the wires. Corrosion can be internal and external, and it often is caused by acids, alkaline waters, salt air, humidity, fumes, and abrasive and industrial environments, in general.  

Lubrication Of Wire Rope:

• Reduces friction
• Protects against corrosion
• Enables lubricant to adhere to each wire and penetrate to the core for long-lasting protection

The Lincoln wire rope lubrication system eliminates manual lubrication and, in turn, yields improved results. This reliable tool forces lubricant into the wire rope core to reduce friction and heat generation for longer service life. The wire rope lubrication system applies the right amount of lubricant, distributes it evenly and eliminates over-lubrication waste.


• Fast and efficient – reduces lubrication time by up to 90% vs. manual lubrication
• Increase operator safety
• Easy to use with any wire rope up to 2 in. (52 mm)
• Helps to prevent corrosion
• Protects the wire ropes
• Penetrates the wire rope core
• Reduces waste and contamination
• Robust design for harsh environments


• Traveling cranes
• Wharf cranes
• Ship cranes
• Deck winches
• Ship hoists
• Wire ropes for ROVs (remote-operated vehicles)
• Winding machines in mines
• Mobile cranes
• Oil and gas rigs
• Chains and ropes

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