Hydrotech, Inc. Teams with Cincinnati State Technical College to Upgrade Pneumatic Equipment

Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Mike DeVore notes that the approximately 200 majors in his program, as well as an equal number of electro-mechanical engineering technology majors, use the lab’s outdated equipment during three sections each semester. “This lab runs in eternity, day and night” DeVore notes during a tour of the lab. “Thousands of students will be helped by this (donation)”.

Cincinnati State’s Lab equipment used by students studying Pneumatics and Fluid Dynamics have been in use for over 20 years by thousands of students and the equipment started to show it’s age. Hydrotech, Inc., a fluid power & motion automation solutions provider out of Cincinnati, OH along with the leading industry component manufacturer Bosch Rexroth wanted to change this. The solution they came up with was simple. Hydrotech donated four Pneumatic and Fluid Dynamic Training Systems in replacement of the old technology with components from Bosch Rexroth.

The four training systems donated were Bosch Rexroth’s DS3 models. The DS3 is a mobile component carrier, which offers two independent workstations. It provides learning topics and experience in the simulation of manually and/or pneumati­cally operated valves, followed by electrically operated valves and the use of a PLC (programmable logic controller) in a control circuit and/or in a pneumatic handling system. This technical knowledge and competence provides students with the decisive advantage in global competition to have confidence and success in their field.

Mike Tonyan, Vice President of Hydrotech, Inc. explains how this all came together.

“The original request was from Bosch Rexroth’s Learning Center who contacted us. The request was very desirable due to the possibility of a partnership with Cincinnati State’s College and the building of relationships with the students and departmental heads”. When asked why Hydrotech wanted to invest in Cincinnati State's Fluid Power program he stated, “You have to be able to peak and hold young kid’s interest these days. You do that by providing new, cutting-edge technology that not only is top of its class, but is aesthetically appealing too.

Rex Wetherill, President of Hydrotech, when asked what the best part of donating the test stands were replied, “Since most of Cincinnati State’s graduates find jobs in the Tri-State, it is rewarding that we may have helped those students and local companies find qualified candidates for their open positions. Ultimately we are advancing the Fluid Power and Motion Automation industry locally and attracting more talent.”

When we asked Pete Jones, Hydrotech CEO, why they wanted to invest in the future of fluid power & motion automation he said, “We gladly donated new equipment because of the future impact students have on the Manufacturing Industry in America. Manufacturing is one of the principal sources of all wealth generation and the backbone of this country...it's our duty to bring it back. The genuine gratitude that was clearly visible from the students was a great feeling and we are more than happy to help in any other way in the future. We already have plans to donate hydraulic test stands outfitted with the newest Bosch Rexroth technology in the near future.”

The partnership between Hydrotech, Bosch Rexroth, and Cincinnati State is a perfect example of how giving back to the community and investing in the future of this country through education can have positive effects for generations to come.



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