Announcement: Hydrotech Acquired by Fluid System Components

FSC Acquires Hydrotech

Effective October 4, 2019, Hydrotech and Fluid Systems Components Inc, have entered into an agreement whereby Fluid Systems Components (FSC) is acquiring Hydrotech Incorporated. As part of this acquisition, we will remain Hydrotech, two outstanding companies with many of the same world class products. We strongly believe being part of a larger organization is the right thing to secure the long-term future of Hydrotech and our employees. Fluid Systems Components is a perfect fit as their values of family, respect, integrity, customer service and opportunity align with ours. 

Hydrotech Engineering Company’s journey began on April 8th, 1967 with Pete Jones in Loveland Ohio to provide manufacturers with fluid power products, systems and services. That October Pete merged his company with Lou Wetherill’s company, Pathon Sales, to form Hydrotech Incorporated. Over the past 52 years, Hydrotech has grown to be the leading provider of fluid power and factory automation products and solutions in the Ohio and Kentucky region. We will continue to offer a combination of products & systems, application know-how and the deep commitment from our team to serve all our customers.

As we continue to innovate technologies to meet the demands of this rapidly changing automation industry and broaden our geographic footprint, this merger will position our companies to provide better opportunities to serve our customers in advanced manufacturing markets. The complimentary alliance of both Hydrotech and FSC will leverage increased resources to drive innovation through unparalleled expertise and engineering capacity, while offering expanded system solutions, integration, product technology, and a broader portfolio of inventory. By joining the FSC team, we play a key role in bringing the company one step closer to becoming a premier industrial distribution and systems integration company in the USA.

Our customer needs are most important to us and we will continue to look ahead and proactively prepare for market changes.  Advanced Technology (Smart Technology & e-Commerce) continues to play a significant role in these changes and we have been aggressively investing to address them over the past several years. One other deciding factor was the assurance of continuity for our customer service support, sales teams and production. There are also no plans to change our present locations in Cincinnati & Cuyahoga Falls.

The acquisition by Fluid System Components is the beginning of a strategic partnership that has many benefits for our customers and employees.  Some of those benefits are:

  • Combined purchasing/buying power to provide better delivery and service

  • Increased resources to better serve our customers

  • Expanded systems, field service and fluid power products repair capabilities and capacity

  • Increased mobile hydraulic controls and programming expertise

  • Expanded engineering capabilities and systems design capacity

  • Both companies serve over 8,000 customers

  • Combined inventory of 20+ million

  • Expanded customer service team to better help our customers

  • Expanded product offerings to continue to be a leading technology provider

  • In-house tank fabrication capabilities for faster systems delivery

  • In-house machining capabilities

  • Expanded Industry 4.0 opportunities and customers

  • The acquisition will make FSC & Hydrotech one of the largest Bosch Rexroth distributors in North America

  • The acquisition will make FSC & Hydrotech one of the largest Sun Hydraulics distributors in North America

  • The acquisition will make FSC & Hydrotech one of the largest HYDAC distributors in North America

From all our team members, we would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and partnership. We are looking forward to the future and helping you grow your business in a very competitive global market.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 513-881-7000.  

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