Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity in the workplace

The Road to Productivity Gains

Industry 4.0 changes the rules of the game for manufacturing. Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity.  Companies that use new technologies for Industry 4.0 are more competitive because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with more flexibility. One thing is certain: Industry 4.0 is coming. Companies that are prepared to implement Industry 4.0 now will actively shape and lead the change.

Benefits Overview

Realizing Industry 4.0 concepts at our plants, Bosch Rexroth has collected extensive experience implementing Industry 4.0 technology in real production environments. With connected automation solutions from Bosch Rexroth, manufacturers will be able to quickly implement customized Industry 4.0 concepts economically – whether building up new lines or upgrading existing facilities and manufacturing systems.

Quality - Optimize Results Through:

  • Optimize staff support
  • Transparent processes
  • Data mining and analytic methods

Flexibility - Quick Reaction To:

  • Market
  • Customer Requests
  • Internal disturbances

Profitability - The Bottom Line: 

  • Reduce failure, logistic, and maintenance costs
  • ?Increase output through cycle time, planned maintenance, and overall equipment effectiveness 

Starting From Scratch - The Greenfield Approach

Building up new lines is always a challenge – technically and organizationally. But it’s worth it. In the industry 4.0 environment, all useful information is available, at any time, in any location, making it possible to economically produce individualized products and small batches. Technology supports people better than ever before. Companies that implement Industry 4.0 produce faster, with more flexibility, greater efficiency of material and reduced complexity and downtime.

Homburg Plant, Germany

See a practical application of Industry 4.0 at the new build-up production line at Bosch Rexroth’s plant in Homburg, Germany. Without any modification of the machine, we assemble more than 200 different hydraulic valves on one multi-product line. The result: flexible and economically efficient assembling that yields 10 percent more output and a reduction of stock by 30 percent.

Upgrade existing facilities – The brownfield approach

Existing machines and production platforms can be cost-effectively upgraded to Industry 4.0 performance with the right technology and support. Modern machines generally have PLC or NC controls that are internally connected through fieldbuses. The modernization of the control hardware and communication interfaces is often sufficient for the machines to be able to exchange data with other machines and IT using open standards.

If you are working with older machines that may not meet these requirements, you should make sure that newly installed components can be connected when undertaking modernization measures.

Hydrotech is ready to help your company take the journey into the Industry 4.0 and IIoT revolution.  Is your plant ready?  A good start is to take a look at our Industry 4.0 checklist.  In this checklist, you will find the basic requirements necessary to become Industry 4.0-enabled.

If you want to implement industry 4.0 throughout the entire value stream in your manufacturing, some basic requirements must be established:

Industry 4.0 Checklist:

  • Sufficient Internet connection
    Is there enough bandwidth available for the exchange of large amounts of data over the Internet? This is necessary for evaluating all operational data for planned maintenance that significantly increases the availability of machines.
  • Digitally-controlled machines
    Are the machines consistently controlled with a PLC or NC and can the processes be changed flexibly using software settings?
  • Machine-to-Machine Communication
    Are the machines able to exchange data with other machines within the production? Do they have common interfaces and protocols for this purpose?
  • Connection to the company IT
    Are the machines and systems connected with the company’s IT and do IT systems manage the production planning and control?
  • Future-proof investments
    Can your machines be connected? Indicators for this are real-time Ethernet interfaces and standards across manufacturers for the exchange of data with other machines and the company’s IT platform.
  • Qualification programs for associates
    Are the associates prepared and qualified for the digitalization? Are you equipped to communicate and support your associates during this change process?
  • Consideration of the entire value chain
    Are the various steps and functions of the entire value creation – from the order to logistics and the coordination of suppliers, from production all the way to distribution and later services – systematically linked to your value stream?

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