Adjustable Cushioning is Ideal Cushioning

There has always been cushioning for pneumatic cylinders: preset cushioning and adjustable cushioning.  With preset cushioning there is a preset/standard value un-adjustable depending on applications; adjustable cushioning can be tailored/adjusted to specific applications and is therefore more efficient.  You can imagine the drawbacks of the preset cushioning, strained transported workpieces, and shortened service life of the module and unnecessary vibrations within the entire machine.  Aventics has been leading the adjustable cushioning technology, and is critical for strong cylinder performance.

With the right adjustments costs and energy savings is inevitable

Aventics has come out with a line of pneumatic cylinders that are capable of adjustable cushioning, which they tout is the “Ideal Cushioning” and comes with a variety of advantages.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Reaches end position up to 75% faster
  • More efficient than preset cushioning
  • Productivity – higher cycle times thanks to greater speed in reaching the end position
  • Reduced energy consumption – smaller cylinders with the same cushioning performance
  • Smooth running – fewer vibrations – less noise
  • Cost savings – possible to select smaller and more economical cylinders, valves, and peripherals

More Specifics on the “Ideal Cushioning” from AVENTICS

Imagine only a few turns of the screw are all it takes to ideally adjust the cushioning to the workpiece weight and the dynamics of the movement.  Let’s get a little deeper on the specifics of the Ideal Cushioning.  The entire philosophy is to optimize cushioning leading to reduce shock/vibration, reduce noise and reduce cycle times.  This also means that the direction of travel of the piston is the same throughout the entire cushioning sequence which eliminates piston bounce and produces a velocity of exactly zero when it reaches the end of its travel.  All in all, properly adjusted pneumatics cushioning has positive effects on the working environment and on the total working cycle, and has been used and greatly recommended by many OEMs to increase machine productivity.

Many AVENTICS cylinders including RTC rod less, and PRA/TRB/ICL ISO 15552 cylinders are “Ideal Cushioning” capable.

Hydrotech, Inc. is the exclusive distributor and technical experts for all AVENTICS products including their “Ideal Cushioning” pneumatic cylinders.

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