A Staple in Bringing New Technology to Old Applications

In the world of Mobile Machinery, heat can be an enemy.  Whether it be Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, or Mining Equipment, every single piece of machinery has to be cooled. 

High Country Tek is globally recognized in the Hydraulic Fan Drive and the Electric Motor Fan Controller arena.  Their wide and proven product range that suits virtually any style or type of cooling application, seamlessly operating with other manufacturer’s controllers or integrating discrete hydraulic pumps, motors or valve products as needed to meet the system configuration puts them at the top of the game.

They are the staple in bringing new cooling controller technology to old machinery.  Their most sought after line of products specifically for the Hydraulic Fan Controller market is perfect for retrofitting old equipment and is applicable with many other products already in place.  Let’s go a little deeper into these.

The Hydraulic System Fan CONTROLLERS (HFS) Series

This series of products has been designed specifically for Hydraulic Fan Drive control and gives the user new levels of automation while integrating seamlessly in a typical discrete cooling system. 

They all can control a hydraulically driven fan proportionally or in an ON/OFF manner based on user settings, system configuration and cooling needs with three independent inputs (zones) that will interface with industry standard NTC, and two wire thermistors.

Value Proposition

Fan Speed on-Demand:

Reduce engine usage and averaged load by only using the horsepower needed at the moment you need it.

Reduce Noise Emissions:

Due to only using the fan at the speed necessary to cool the fluids to the ideal set-points it will greatly reduce the noise it puts off.


As mandatory regulations for noise and emissions standards increase, the accurate cooling offered with these systems will help protect you.

De-Coupled From Engine:

The fan is now able to spin independently of the engine RPM.  For example, this gives the fan the ability to spin slower on a cool day even though the machine is running at a high RPM.

Radiator Positioning:

The radiator can go anywhere now!

Default to Full Fan Speed:

If the control valve is ever disconnected or loses power, the controller defaults the fan to full speed ensuring the engine is protected from over heating.

Installation and Maintenance:

Now that your engine does not require a fixed fan, installing an engine into a chassis has more flexibility now than ever before due to its overall length and reduced maintenance time.

Fan Reverse:

Being able to reverse fan direction allows the radiator to be cleaned of clogging debris.

Reduced Operating Costs:

Having a hydraulic fan drive means you now have NO belts, pulleys, cardin shafts, etc. and expensive maintenance.


Hydrotech, Inc is the exclusive distributor for High Country Tek products in Ohio and Kentucky. 

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